Mobile Applications


In this new generation smart phones has become a daily need of each and every person in this world. Now mobile phones are not only restricted to calls and messaging, but has revolutionized this large world. Smart phones now days consist of myriad of applications that are very beneficial or advantageous in every particular area. We can find out mobile applications for each and every field and hence we can see the increasing competition in the development of the mobile applications. Every person needs their mobile application to be developed by an expert mobile developer.

For the development of any mobile application few things are there that should be considered:

  • Platform: We should take care for the application which we are developing, whether it is for I phone, windows or android phones. As we all know that there are few applications which don’t run on I phone or Blackberry as example. So a developer must take care of the platform before developing a mobile application.
  • Goal: Before developing a mobile application a developer must always know about the goal or purpose for why they are developing this mobile application.
  • Target Audience : Before developing a mobile application, the developer should know the target audience that whether they need to target a business or an individual.

Mobile applications from a technical point of view we can differentiate them by the runtime environment in which they are executed:

  • Native platforms and OS, such as Linux, Windows mobile and Symbian.
  • Mobile web browser run time such as Mozilla, Opera Mini and more.
  • Other managed platforms and virtual machines such as JAVA, Flash Lite, Silver Lite and more.

Mobile Application types can be described as follows:

  • Communications : Email, Browsers and more
  • Games : Puzzle, cards, sports and more
  • Multimedia: Video, Audio players and more
  • Productivity : Calendars, Calculators and more

Developing a mobile application is absolutely a clumsy task and requires an advanced skills and capabilities. Mobile Application developers need to be really intelligent and well-informed about what they are doing. They should know to develop mobile applications in different platforms.

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